Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Meta Unveils Up to date Fb Emblem Design and In-App Colour Palette


Have you ever observed a change to the Fb app emblem this week?

It’s pretty delicate, it’s not like there’s been a drastic shift, however the “F” icon is now a deeper shade of blue, and barely larger.

Facebook rebrand

Sure, Fb is present process a re-brand, which additionally implies that Meta has offered a long-winded, lore-filled tale as to the how and why of those, actually, fairly minute adjustments.

As per Meta:

As we proceed our evolution as an app and a model, we’re excited to launch the primary part of a refreshed identification system for Fb, with a concentrate on fostering easy, self-initiated exploration and connection throughout each touchpoint.

Yeah, I imply, there’s no change to the way in which something works, a few components simply look a bit completely different. However, positive, easy exploration. Let’s go along with that.

Meta truly says that there have been three key drivers behind its new design:

  • Elevate probably the most iconic parts of our model to create a particular, refreshed Fb
  • Unify how the Fb model involves life throughout product-to-marketing experiences
  • Create an expansive set of colours — anchored in our core blue — that’s complete and vibrant, and in addition designed to be extra accessible for individuals

The accessibility factor is the one actual level of worth right here, with the brand new Fb emblem now taking up a extra strong, and understandable really feel.

However the unnecessarily verbose descriptions are at all times fairly hilarious:

Our intention was to create a refreshed design of the Fb emblem that was bolder, electrical and eternal. Every of the distinctive, new refinements drive larger concord throughout all the design as a key factor of the app’s identification. We’ve carried out this by incorporating a extra assured expression of Fb’s core blue colour that’s constructed to be extra visually accessible in our app and offers stronger distinction for the “f” to face aside.

Yep. That.

Along with the primary emblem replace, Fb additionally now has a brand new colour palette:

Facebook rebrand

Whereas it’s additionally up to date its response emojis, to “evoke extra dimensionality and emotion”.

Facebook rebrand

So, in essence, if components of Fb appear extra blue, or look just a little completely different, they in all probability are, with Meta rolling out these new updates over the approaching months.

So it’s not simply you, you’re eyes are usually not going humorous, Fb does look just a little completely different. Which can be price noting on your web site shows and future emblem utilization.

You’ll be able to learn extra of Fb’s redesign notes here.

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