Stability AI unveils ‘Secure Audio’ mannequin for controllable audio technology

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Stability AI has launched “Secure Audio,” a latent diffusion mannequin designed to revolutionise audio technology.

This breakthrough guarantees to be one other leap ahead for generative AI and combines textual content metadata, audio period, and begin time conditioning to supply unprecedented management over the content material and size of generated audio—even enabling the creation of full songs.

Audio diffusion fashions historically confronted a big limitation in producing audio of fastened durations, usually resulting in abrupt and incomplete musical phrases. This was primarily because of the fashions being skilled on random audio chunks cropped from longer information after which compelled into predetermined lengths.

Secure Audio successfully tackles this historic problem, enabling the technology of audio with specified lengths, as much as the coaching window measurement.

One of many standout options of Secure Audio is its use of a closely downsampled latent illustration of audio, leading to vastly accelerated inference instances in comparison with uncooked audio. By cutting-edge diffusion sampling strategies, the flagship Secure Audio mannequin can generate 95 seconds of stereo audio at a 44.1 kHz pattern price in underneath a second utilising the ability of an NVIDIA A100 GPU.

A sound basis

The core structure of Secure Audio contains a variational autoencoder (VAE), a textual content encoder, and a U-Web-based conditioned diffusion mannequin.

The VAE performs a pivotal position by compressing stereo audio right into a noise-resistant, lossy latent encoding that considerably expedites each technology and coaching processes. This method, primarily based on the Descript Audio Codec encoder and decoder architectures, facilitates encoding and decoding of arbitrary-length audio whereas making certain high-fidelity output.

To harness the affect of textual content prompts, Stability AI utilises a textual content encoder derived from a CLAP mannequin specifically skilled on their dataset. This permits the mannequin to imbue textual content options with details about the relationships between phrases and sounds. These textual content options, extracted from the penultimate layer of the CLAP textual content encoder, are built-in into the diffusion U-Web via cross-attention layers.

Throughout coaching, the mannequin learns to include two key properties from audio chunks: the beginning second (“seconds_start”) and the overall period of the unique audio file (“seconds_total”). These properties are reworked into discrete realized embeddings per second, that are then concatenated with the textual content immediate tokens. This distinctive conditioning permits customers to specify the specified size of the generated audio throughout inference.

The diffusion mannequin on the coronary heart of Secure Audio boasts a staggering 907 million parameters and leverages a complicated mix of residual layers, self-attention layers, and cross-attention layers to denoise the enter whereas contemplating textual content and timing embeddings. To boost reminiscence effectivity and scalability for longer sequence lengths, the mannequin incorporates memory-efficient implementations of consideration.

To coach the flagship Secure Audio mannequin, Stability AI curated an intensive dataset comprising over 800,000 audio information encompassing music, sound results, and single-instrument stems. This wealthy dataset, furnished in partnership with AudioSparx – a outstanding inventory music supplier – quantities to a staggering 19,500 hours of audio.

Secure Audio represents the vanguard of audio technology analysis, rising from Stability AI’s generative audio analysis lab, Harmonai. The staff stays devoted to advancing mannequin architectures, refining datasets, and enhancing coaching procedures. Their pursuit encompasses elevating output high quality, fine-tuning controllability, optimising inference velocity, and increasing the vary of achievable output lengths.

Stability AI has hinted at forthcoming releases from Harmonai, teasing the opportunity of open-source fashions primarily based on Secure Audio and accessible coaching code.

This newest groundbreaking announcement follows a string of noteworthy tales about Stability. Earlier this week, Stability joined seven other prominent AI companies that signed the White Home’s voluntary AI security pledge as a part of its second spherical.

You may strive Secure Audio for your self here.

(Picture by Eric Nopanen on Unsplash)

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Stability AI unveils ‘Secure Audio’ mannequin for controllable audio technology 7

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