TikTok Marketing – How to Create a Successful Strategy in 2021

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If you’re in charge of your brand’s strategy, and you want to level up your brand presence in 2021, accept TikTok’s challenge and create short videos with a catch.

Keeping up with the latest trends in digital marketing is one of the requirements of a social media manager, and at the moment, TikTok is one of the world’s most popular apps.

Be where your target audience is and make efforts into growing awareness.

In this article, I’m going to showcase the importance of TikTok marketing by presenting a few interesting facts about the platform, and some tactics other successful brands use on a regular basis to win their audience’s hearts.

Create a TikTok Marketing Strategy in 2021

  1. Discover the platform
  2. Why did TikTok become so popular?
  3. How can brands use TikTok marketing to grow awareness?
  1. TikTok analytics

1. Discover the platform

If you’ve wondered what it is and how it works, well, TikTok is a video streaming and sharing app that allows users to create funny videos of an unlimited number of topics.

Videos can be 15 seconds long, but not more than 60 seconds.

All these videos can be jazzed up with music, filter, special effects, and users can even have a lip-syncing option.

In a nutshell, TikTok is the social media app that makes the internet fun again.

In its initial days, it was mostly a platform populated by a lot of challenges, being mostly oriented towards dancing moments.


Savage Love official music video is OUT NOW!! #savagelove

♬ Savage Love (Laxed – Siren Beat) – Jawsh 685 & Jason Derulo

The app has experienced a surprising boost around the globe in a short period, and it is mostly used by people under 24 years old or as you might know them, Generation Z.

Despite the mentioned one still remaining the core target, TikTok has also started to increase its user’s age range.

Therefore, it appears TikTok marketing is a way of expanding the possibilities of reaching a wider area of people that can be part of your brand’s audience. Isn’t it great?

This is a chart presenting TikTok's popularity among users of different age segments.

And another great thing about TikTok and certainly beneficial for brands, is that tons of people around the globe are still joining everyday.

Actually, the app managed to become in just a few years the 7th most used social media app in the world, subclassing Snapchat, Pinterest and even Twitter, according to Statista. Which says a lot about its future.

Last year, TikTok’s users reached a total of 800 millions worldwide, and the numbers are growing day by day.

Because its primary users are people born in the last one and a half-decade, TikTok’s growth is not going to stop anytime soon.

2. Why did TikTok become so popular?

Even though TikTok didn’t manage to gain those users overnight, it still did it in a short period.

When Hollywood celebrities joined the platform, it was clear TikTok was about to hit big.

Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Cardi B, Camila Cabello, Miley Cirus, Rita Ora, Will Smith, The Rock, Post Malone, Mariah Carey, and much more other are now posting funny or entertaining videos on TikTok.


##YouForMe out at MIDNIGHT! 🌙❣️❤️🍒 @sigalamusic

♬ You for Me – Sigala & RITA ORA

Moreover, the platform’s strategy was to partner with local celebrities to promote the app not only at the global level but also on the local one.

So a lot of people who work in the entertainment or music industry are now present to create even bigger communities.

3. How can brands use TikTok marketing to grow awareness?

Like on any other social media platform, if you want to start marketing your brand on TikTok, you have to start with a plan and find out your objectives.

Maybe you want to:

  • increase engagement on social media
  • reach a younger audience
  • increase your followers
  • brand awareness

After you figure this out, it is time to create a strategy.

When creating your TikTok marketing strategy, you should keep in mind the platform is also excellent at publishing content that would be otherwise unsuitable on Twitter, for example.

If you think about exploring TikTok marketing, just start by playing around with some ideas and see what works best for your brand.

A great and significant feature is that you can post the videos created on TikTok on other social media platforms as well, such as Instagram (both on feed or story), Facebook, or even Twitter.

This has broken the boundaries and has helped to promote the app even more.

I think it’s a great tool and offers creative ways to do videos that you can save to your camera roll and add to your Instagram Stories. (Sue B. Zimmerman – Instagram Expert)

Like other social media platforms, TikTok users can catalog their videos and search for other videos by subject.

If you click on the “Discover” magnifying glass at the bottom of your screen, you will see a list of videos sorted by trending hashtags.

Trending hashtags on TikTok

Make sure you include relevant hashtags on your videos, and because TikTok is not Instagram or Facebook, I suggest you don’t add ten hashtags.


Because on TikTok, after you click publish, the hashtags will appear on your video, and if you add ten or more, your video won’t look right.

Add only the relevant ones.

  • Create a hashtag challenge

Hashtag challenges are one of the most popular things you can do on TikTok.

One may even say hashtag challenges are the very core of TikTok marketing.

They are an excellent way for businesses to increase engagement and brand awareness with less effort.

A good hashtag challenge results in inspiring others to talk about your product offline and other social sites.

Before starting your own challenge, take a look at your competitors.

Analysing what your competition is doing is essential before starting conducting any TikTok marketing efforts and before creating any strategy in general.

  • Collaborate with TikTok influencers

By now it is already known and proven that regardless of any social media platform we’re talking about, users trust real persons more than brands.

This is where influencers step in, since they have come to rule the newest platforms, starting with Instagram, all the way to TikTok.

A strong reason for which is more likely for a person to build a massive following, and an engaging community is the more authentic and humanized approach.

That’s why a good TikTok marketing strategy keeps this aspect always in focus.

If you’re looking for reasons why your TikTok marketing efforts should include some collaborations with influencers, here’s a good one – they know best how the platform works.

Usually being early adopters, influencers know the platform’s features, what works and what doesn’t, and their following is the results of all that testing and learning.

Here is an example of a TikTok challenge launched by an influencer.

Whether it’s TikTok marketing or any other social media platform, when collaborating with influencers, you have to make sure the ones chosen are properly aligned with your brand’s personality and values.

Since best practices are better understood with some examples, I’ll just mention the case of P&G’s collaboration with the biggest TikTok influencer, Charli D’Amelio.

Meant to promote people to be responsible and keep the social distance over the COVID19 times, the partnership was a huge success.

Like any other social media platform whose popularity is on the rise, TikTok followed the trends and seized the opportunity of generating more revenue by allowing brands to advertise on the platform.

Of course, trying a new app is always interesting, but before starting creating ads just for the sake of it, you must do your homework and see what TikTok ads are about. That’s a safe TikTok marketing tactic.

First things first, you have to establish your objectives. Or, in other words, what do you want to be the outcome of your ad campaign.

Secondly, the next logical order of business would be to decide what type of ads you are going to run.

Here are the alternatives of ad products that TikTok offers for the time being:

  • Top view ads
  • Brand takeover
  • In-feed ads
  • Branded hashtag challenge
  • Branded effects.

Given its fun and entertaining vibe, remember to keep your ads aligned with the platform’s orientation, and also your audience’s interests and habits.

  • Encourage user generated content

As TikTok has become known as the Generation Z’s platform, there’s one thing that needs to be pointed out.

This is a generation that wants to be involved and challenged, a generation that wants to see their voices matter.

That’s why the old-fashioned way of simply delivering an impersonal, selling oriented ad or post won’t work on them.

By incorporating more user generating content into your TikTok marketing, you show your followers you are interested in their participation.

And so, by including and inviting your audience to be part of your brand’s story, you’ll win them over. And the customer’s loyalty is something extremely precious.

4. TikTok analytics

No matter when you’ve joined TikTok, make sure you have a good overview of what’s happening on your profile.

Knowing your data means you’re in control of your TikTok marketing strategy.

To do this, you have to access your analytics, and you need a pro account.

  1. Go to your account
  2. Click “Manage my account”
  3. Click “Switch to Pro account”
Switch to a TikTok pro account

You’ll be asked to choose a category to get customized analytics.

After typing your phone number, you’ll be asked to add a verification code. The message comes instantly. You have a pro account, and you can find Analytics in the settings.

TikTok now keeps tabs of your data on two-time frames: 7 or 28 days. You’ll be able to see the progress and to monitor your weekly and monthly changes.

In the Overview dashboard, you can track the number of video views, followers, and profile views.

The Content dashboard provides you a picture of the number of posts you have and which are your trending videos.

For each video, TikTok shows:

✔️the number of likes
✔️total playtime
✔️total views
✔️average watch time traffic source types
✔️audience territories

In the Followers tab, you’ll be shown the distribution of your followers by territory, the followers’ activity, video your followers watched, and the sounds the followers listened to.

NOTE: for more in-depth information you can turn to a TikTok analytics tool, like Socialinsider. Sign up for a free trial!

Final thoughts

Every social media app has its specificities. TikTok has taken the internet by surprise, and for sure, it is going to stay for as long as people will want to enjoy straight on point and quality entertainment.

Give your brand a boost and make it more appealing to young people.

When doing TikTok marketing, and not only, try to be as creative and original as possible and integrate the brand within the videos, but don’t create all the content around the brand.

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