Digital Marketing

  • individuals & companies
  • Increase sales & awarness
  • KPI's & Market Analytics
  • Social Media & Websites
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Do you want to optimize your social media accounts to achieve your marketing objectives and branding strategy?

Do you want to achieve your sales target via managing your presence at the most famous social media?

Do you want to outsource your e-marketing activities with affordable investment?

eMarketing Egypt is delivering a full management of social media accounts for its client including the following tasks:

  • Planning for your online presence at the social media.
  • Creating new accounts or optimizing the current accounts.
  • Content planning & management; including content creation and posting.
  • Interaction strategy to maximize the numbers of active fans & followers ( likes, shares, comments, retweets and following).
  • Weekly designs.
  • Managing the paid social media ads.
  • Reporting.

All of the mention tasks can be deployed at Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube .

Social Media Marketing Service Via Different Social Media Platforms.
Search Engine Optimization Service (SEO)
Google Ads Service
Facebook & Instagram Ads Service
Marketing Content Creation Service:
Red Mention

How Does Digital Marketing Help You Enhance Your Competitive Position?

Digital marketing works to instill confidence in customers by improving the image of the products and services you provide, by highlighting the value provided by the product or service in a unique creative way that attracts the attention of customers, the digital marketing process goes through many stages, which are represented in:


A Comprehensive Analysis Of The Business:

Here, we make a full analyzation of the products and services provided, such as where they are being demanded the most, the prices at which those services and products will be available, and ultimately determine and choose the way in which the advertisement of the business will be made.

A Comprehensive Analysis Of Competitors:

At this stage, the products and services offered by competitors are studied and evaluated, and based on those analyzes, the price and quality of the products to determine the best ways to advertise with.

Develop A Strategic Marketing Plan:

Here, we determine the consumer’s behavior and desires and the appropriate planning to draw his attention and make him interested in the product and service provided, then we increase the desire for it and then take action towards that service or product.

Determine the appropriate marketing channels

Digital marketing channels are diverse and have different purposes, and the best of them are determined based on the function of each one, for example, digital marketing is used by optimizing engines when customers search for the product or service you provide, when it comes to digital marketing via social media platforms and Google ads, these channels are used when a specific segment of customers is targeted.

Implementation And Management Of The Advertising Campaigns:

This stage of digital marketing that we carry out with high professionalism within Alalmiya Alhura, in which the marketing content is created and published based on the studies, analyzes and plans that were made in the previous stages.. In it, the textual marketing content is made, in addition to the formation of the campaign slogan, graphic and video designs, which are designed based on the orientation of the marketing campaign as a whole, with keeping in mind all the details of the business identity.




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