Influencer Marketing Strategy


Influencer marketing

Build trust, grow awareness and inspire buyers through influencer marketing with Red Mention. We’ll manage everything – from sourcing the right influencers to managing relationships and negotiating fees.

Influencer Marketing Strategy

In today’s social media landscape, influencer marketing is more prominent and powerful than ever. Social networks such as Instagram and Youtube are bursting with popular personal accounts with a loyal and engaged following.

These “influencers” exist in almost every B2C niche and present opportunities for businesses of all types to promote their products or services to a relevant influencers’ audience.

At Red Mention, our social media experts are experienced in researching, planning and creating influencer campaigns that align with your business objectives to achieve heightened brand awareness and engagement.

Social media influencer marketing

Influencer marketing works on the same basis as receiving a personal recommendation from someone you trust. Because an influencer’s evokes trust and authority, their loyal followers grow to value their opinions and recommendations.

By collaborating with these influencers on social networks, you’re able to reach out to new audiences more authentically than using ads or by marketing on your own page.

Social media influencer marketing gives you the opportunity to align your brand with well-respected individuals who command authority and trust among their loyal followers. The authentic nature of this type of marketing appeals more to social media users. For businesses, influencer marketing presents a way to highlight your service or product to a target audience in a way that demonstrates your true value.

  • Build trust amongst your audience
  • Align yourself with reputable influencers to further elevate your brand’s image
  • Build an active and engaged following
  • Expand your audience
    Increase brand awareness
  • Create & engage in valuable conversations with existing & potential customers
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Build relationships with influencers for future projects

Taking advantage of micro-Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has become increasingly prominent over the past few years. Many personal social media accounts now spend time carefully building authority, loyalty, and trust amongst their followers. Often called “micro-influencers”, these influential accounts have the power to turn their followers into loyal fans, but on a smaller scale than more established accounts with huge followings.

These types of influencers can be hugely beneficial to businesses. The authentic nature of the account appeals to followers, and while their reach is smaller, the cost of promoting with them is often much lower.

Red Mention, your influencer marketing agency

At Red Mention, we work collaboratively with you to gain a full understanding of the goals you want to achieve and the types of influencers you’re looking to work with.

We create a detailed influencer marketing strategy that aligns with the rest of your social activity. We find the influencers that matter most to your audience and work directly with them to propel your brand’s awareness.

We manage everything – from negotiating their fees to making sure an influencer’s content is right for your brand. Our social media experts are always on the ball when it comes to social influencer news and trends, meaning your influencer campaigns are always up to date.

We can also manage a third-party platform to source influencers for you, managing all influencer activity from one place.

So, whether you want to run a one-off influencer marketing campaign or you’re looking for on-going influencer opportunities, our influencer marketing services can benefit you.

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