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Social Media

Social Media

Grow brand awareness, engage with existing & potential customers and build trust with a social media strategy with Red Mention, experts in social media marketing and advertising.

Why is Social Media important?

Social media marketing and advertising offers a great way to grow your brand’s audience, listen to what they’re saying, and improve your relationship with them. It can be used in a number of ways, but it’s most commonly used to communicate your key messages, increase website traffic and sales, improve brand awareness and build trust.

Marketing and advertising on social media cover an ever-expanding range of platforms. From social media giants like Facebook to newer and disruptive platforms like Pinterest, social media sites are home to huge user bases. This offers you the opportunity to get your service or product in front of the people who are likely to benefit from it.

At Red Mention, we can help you use social media to advertise your business as well as help you with the day-to-day marketing of your business through your pages and communities.

Our Social Media services

At Red Mention, we work across all social media networks and our team has experience in LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram.

Our expertise means that we highlight the channels that will be most effective for your business goals. We look after social media advertising and the general running of business accounts.

Social media agency in Egypt

At Red Mention, we specialise in helping you connect with your audience through social media. Our Egypt-based social media marketing experts lead the way when it comes to helping you meet your audience’s needs.

We do it all: strategy, content production, community management, social media advertising, digital listening, and influencer campaign management. That means everything from building and optimising social media profiles, through to strategy and target audience research all the way to delivery and reporting. We’re with you throughout the journey.

Our social media team has proven success in all areas of social media marketing and advertising. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C company, we’ll make sure that social media works for you to help you achieve your company’s goals.

What are the benefits of using social media for business?

Social media is a crucial cog in the digital marketing engine. It can be used in a number of ways, making it a particularly versatile marketing asset.

From paid ads to marketing and community management, the benefits of social media for businesses are often overlooked when compared with other digital channels. These include:

  • Improving your website’s traffic
  • Helping your business reach more customers
  • Providing a valuable avenue for social listening, allowing you to understand and learn more about your target audiences
  • Connecting with your audience on an individual level, as well as using audience data.
  • Creating engaged and active communities

Social Media advertising

Advertising on social media is a great way to generate awareness among new audiences as well as sales and lead generation. You can also use it to bring users back to your product or service after they’ve already interacted with your website via another channel. Remarketing and sequential advertising campaigns on social media can play a key role in guiding your users through your sales funnel.

At Red Mention, Our qualified social media team works collaboratively with you to gain a full understanding of your business and advertising goals before developing and implementing a personalised social media advertising strategy.

Facebook Blueprint certified and highly experienced, we know our stuff when it comes to social media advertising. We’ll research, plan and create social media advertising campaigns that achieve the results you want.

Social Media marketing and community management

Having an active and meaningful social media presence can do wonders for the trustability of your brand. However, in order to build a real community on your social media channels, you need to interact with your audience. This can be challenging and takes time.

Our social media experts can help you to engage, interact and create genuine connections with your audience through active engagement and two-way conversations. This reinforces your brand’s authority and helps you get your brand messages across to those who are most engaged with you.

At Red Mention, we can help you create and maintain these relationships. After engaging your audience, we manage the private messages, comments, and enquiries that they send. We can also deal with any customer service queries, directing users to the relevant people in your business. All this saves you time and makes your brand appear more efficient and trustworthy.

Social Media as part of an integrated digital marketing campaign

Social media plays a powerful role in a multi-channel, integrated marketing campaign.

For example, social listening plays a huge role in informing our content strategies as well as promoting valuable content. And audience data can help to inform how we target our display campaigns on PPC and Biddable.

There are endless ways social media marketing can enhance other channels. That’s why using it as part of an integrated digital marketing strategy can be far more effective than focusing on social alone.


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