Technical SEO


Technical SEO

In a user-first world, technical health can make or break your website. At Red Mention, we put your website under a microscope. We scrutinise your website through the eyes of search engine spiders and users with the aim of making it as technically healthy as possible. That’s how we help you reap SEO and UX benefits.

Technical SEO


The technical health of your website is increasingly important when it comes to SEO success. Even if your website is well optimized, has good backlinks and is full of comprehensive, useful content – it will struggle to rank on search engines if it’s not technically healthy.

That’s because Google is trying to improve the web for users. Therefore anything that impacts user experience (UX), such as broken links, mobile usability, and site speed will instantly have a negative impact. By making sure your website is technically in shape, it will become easier to crawl and therefore rank more easily.

At Red Mention, we can help you to get your website as technically healthy as possible and improve your website’s organic visibility.

Technical SEO from Red Mention

A technically healthy site is one that search bots and users can understand and navigate easily. Whilst this sounds simple, there are lots of factors that prevent both of those things from happening.

When these occur, users and bots receive a poor online experience. When Google and other search engines realize your site isn’t providing the perfect experience, they prevent your website from thriving in the SERPs (search engine result pages).

Red Mention has developed a comprehensive technical audit process in order to improve website health for SEO benefit.

Our technical audit includes checks around the following areas:

  • Site load speed
  • Content duplication & cannibalization
  • XML sitemaps
  • Site security
  • Website architecture and hierarchy
  • URL structure. Friendly & dynamic URLs
  • Schema & HTML mark up
  • Missing or duplicated
  • metadata
  • Broken links
  • Site errors
  • UX (user experience)
  • Mobile experience
  • Navigation

We run checks using a suite of tools including Deep Crawl, Google Search Console, AHREFs, Lighthouse and more.

Once we have analyzed your site’s technical health status, we work closely with your developers and designers to resolve. Working through each issue to make sure your site is as healthy as possible.

Once a site is live, checks are run on a monthly, quarterly or bi-yearly basis. Regular technical SEO audits also allow us to appraise the site through the eyes of any new algorithm updates.

Our technical SEO service also forms part of our new site launch service.

Red Mention – your technical SEO agency

We can’t stress the importance of getting on top of your website’s technical health – whether you opt for a one-off technical SEO audit or regular audits to keep your website healthy.

At Red Mention, we’ve been working in SEO for over a decade. These years of dedicated SEO experience means we understand exactly how search engines work – and exactly what they’re looking for from your website.

That’s why we prioritize technical SEO as part of every SEO project we take on.



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